Friday, June 13, 2008

And now for something not related to the NBA

For those of you (and you know who you are) who became fans of modern creative genius Dave Secretary after I linked to his hilarious stories, well, I've done some Google stalking. Because, based upon what I've read, I sort of want to marry him.

Looks like he's also dabbled in art, specifically, poorly drawn comics that he overexplains in the captions. Not as glorious as RIDICULOUS STORIES WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS, but entertaining nevertheless. Time for some comics.

In other news, I've slowly been working through the Modern Library's list of 100 Best Novels. The Board's List, not the Reader's List, because apparently the readers surveyed included an overabundance of scientologists and Ayn Rand fans. Ick. I just finished Go Tell It On The Mountain by James Baldwin. Published in 1953, GTIOTM is the story of a black boy growing up in Harlem in the shadow of his bullying father, who is the worst sort of religious man: one who mistakes his own arrogance for righteousness. The book is interesting from a historical perspective, and I was impressed by how Baldwin transitions through different character's viewpoints (son, father, mother, aunt) with ease and believability. However, I've never been a big fan of religious-themed literature (think The Scarlet Letter and Sinners in the Hands on an Angry God and all those other books you had to read in high school, oh, wait, you never had a crazy Puritan for an English teacher?) and this book is absolutely chock full o' Christianity. Like, pages on pages of sermons and psalms and speaking in tongues and whatnot.

Anyways, I'm now looking for a new book to read (I like to alternate the classics with more modern fare), so please let me know if you have any recommendations. I'm also considering giving the DCoE Book Club another go, so if you're interested in participating, drop a line in the comments.

I promise, no Salman Rushdie complicated 800 page novels this time around!

Have a great weekend, everyone. We're celebrating my roommate Ern's birthday tonight, and I'm making a special dessert. Hint: starts with dump, ends with cake.


Kevin said...

Eileen, I read that Hornby book you game (Long Way Down) and it was pretty good. I thought it was fairly well written and very easy to read. I don't know if you've already read it or not.

danimal said...

Read Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, or any of his books actually, Norwegian Wood is worthy as well, if you're interested in surreal modern Japan with great characters and bizarre events. He's a fantastic writer.

Also just finished Phillip Roth's American Pastoral which won the Pulitizer a while back, it blew me away; many call him the greatest living writer, I could see why after reading this book.

ahd said...

I think you should read Lonesome Dove. I missed the characters very much for a few weeks after I finished it!

Adam said...

I agree that Lonesome Dove is fantastic.

eileen said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I've already read Lonesome Dove, but you're right- I LOVED it!
I'll have to look into the other ones mentioned.

Suldog said...