Sunday, November 16, 2008


Only in Framingham do stories like "Mysterious meat has residents baffled" make the front page of the local newspaper. It reads like an article from The Onion, but the meat mystery is no joke: "Police will also take the meat reports seriously, said spokesman Lt. Paul Shastany. He asks anyone finding a hunk of meat to call police."

Elsewhere....Bert, friend of Ernie, friend of Osama bin Laden? It's true! Well, sort of. This is an old story, but a good one if you haven't heard it yet. Apparently someone creating a collage of Osama bin Laden to sell as a poster inadvertently copied a picture from the now-defunct humor website Bert is Evil, which contains photos of Bert posing with notorious villains. Angry demonstrators, oblivious to the presence of a certain Sesame Street character, displayed the posters at anti-American rallies. Check it out:

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