Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekend Report

I had a very busy weekend that included the following activities:

Ern and I hosted a lobsterfest at our apartment in honor of my friend and former roommate Maria, who is leaving on the morning U-Haul to Georgia. Here are some pictures from dinner, and our Halloween-themed dessert. Since Maria loves Halloween but missed our Halloween party last weekend, we all put on wigs and various other accessories. We even got her dad to participate.

College friends (and DCoE readers) Amanda, Liz, and Beth came to town for a football game that shall not be discussed. Despite the outcome of the football game that shall not be discussed, we had a great time hanging out and catching up. Never ones to behave like normal people, especially when in public, we brought a fake severed hand out to the bar with us on Saturday night, which provided for lots of comedy. My favorite trick was pretending that it was my real hand and then high fiving someone and having it fly off like they somehow severed my hand. Ah, good times. I didn't end up taking many pictures, but here are one of the girls getting rained on at the game and one of the prop of the day:

Lastly, I attended a Celtics practice courtesy of my friend Justin, who works at the official hospital of the Boston Celtics. It was pretty cool to get so close to the players and sit in on their practice- you can see the hierarchy of starters vs bench guys, and get little glimpses of the players' personalities. Sam Cassell is LOUD but everyone seems to find him hilarious. Rondo and Perkins seem to listen to the coaches the most. The rookies get stuck putting the balls back on the rack. Ray Allen is probably the smoothest athlete on the team- he glides through drills and his shot is seamless. Most players get called by their first names- coaches and teammates only call KG "Kevin", but Tony Allen is "TA" and everyone calls Glen Davis "Baby." No wonder why Leon Powe is getting so good- he has to guard KG in every practice. There were a lot of similarities to a high school practice- drills, then scrimmaging, a couple people who never look like they're paying attention to the coach, the one guy who makes the team every year because he tries harder than everyone else (Scalabrine). But the differences were obvious- these guys are phenomenal players and dunk with ease, and damn, they're big. We weren't allowed to take pictures during practice but the team did pose for photos with the staff. Justin is over 6 feet tall, and both Paul Pierce and Big Baby towered over him.


Mrs. V said...

Eileen, you're a fabulous friend. Maria will have to reciprocate with a fine meal when you come to visit, Georgia rib sandwich is to die for. I see I did get to attend your lobster fest, but I had to bring my own lobsters....hee hee.
thank you for being there for Maria.
Mrs. V.

LisaKate said...

Awesome weekend EXCEPT for the game that shall never be discussed. I vowed before and I vow eternally now - never again will I enter that stadium. Never again.
Nice hand.

Kim said...

You guys should have gone to the hockey game the night before. I would have made you feel a little better about your weekend!

Bye Maria! You will be missed!

Kim said...

Oops, meant to say "It would have made you feel a little better about your weekend." Being a BC fan, I don't think I would have.

eileen said...

Mrs. V- so you spotted your photo next to Carolina? I will definitely plan to come down and see you all...especially if I ever finish this PhD and apply for the CDC!

Kim- LOL about the typo. Looks like we should have switched tickets for the weekend :)

maria said...

thanks again for the wonderful send off. My father and I are on interstate 77 in north Carolina and I'm viewing your blog on my mothers iPhone while traveling through the mountains.