Monday, June 01, 2009


So, after six long years of stagnation- living in the same apartment and toiling away in graduate school, things are finally going to change.

Here is my 4 step plan:

Step 1: Move to my grandmother's house in Waltham. My roommate Ern is moving into her newly-purchased house in Southie, and since I might be relocating in the fall, I decided to move into my grandmother's house for a few months while I figure out my next step rather than look for a new roommate. Besides, as much as I love living in Southie, I'm sick of my dingy mouse-infested apartment! Oh, and my grandmother's house is free, so I can save up some money and work on paying down my credit card debt. My grandmother lives in a assisted living facility, and one of my cousins is living in the house for the summer but I'll be alone there come fall. When I asked my grandmother for permission, she said that the house has two rules: no smoking inside and everyone has to make their beds. I think I can handle that.

Step 2: Finish graduate school. I'm planning to defend in September, and all I have to do before that is finish all of my experiments, get a manuscript submitted and accepted for publication, and write my entire thesis. Piece of cake, right?(Oh, if I fall off the radar for a couple of months this is why.)

Step 3: Go to Australia! I have always wanted to go, and I've been promising my college roommate Kristy for years that I would visit her... and now I'm finally going to do it. I can't wait. I bought my ticket and I leave in October and will be there for nearly an entire month. So far, the plans include Sydney, the outback, and Melbourne, but if you've been to Australia and have a favorite spot, please let me know! Also, my flight was only $900 so if you've been thinking about taking a big trip, now's a good time to get affordable flights.

Step 4: Find a job. Preferably one that pays over 30K a year and doesn't make me hate myself.


Kim said...

Your grandmother forgot one crucial rule for you: No trying to bake giant cookies and forgetting about them until hours later, nearly burning down the house.

Nitsirk said...

Ha, when I read Step 1 I thought you were moving into the assisted living facility :) Good luck with Step 4 and congrats on all the changes. I imagine you will feel like a new person by November (one that will be called "Dr")!

eileen said...

Oh yeah, I guess it was a little confusing the way I wrote it, but no, not moving into an assisted living facility.

Speaking of..I loved this story about a minor league baseball player who lives in an old folks home.

Oh, and I definitely won't try to bake (a.k.a burn) any ginormous cookies.

samantha said...

Perth is my all-time favourite city in Oz. It's on the opposite coast (west coast vs. the eastern side where you'll be) but it's totally worth it. Super cheap, awesome locals, and sweet diving spots. I'd also recommend the Great Barrier Reef while you're there. It's amazing!!

Stacey said...

Congrats on the 4-step plan & big changes! The trip to Australia sounds wonderful. :)

MJ said...

There have been lots of fun times shared by many at 597 e broadway. I can't believe it's coming to an end.

eileen said...

Yes, I am so excited about Oz- I'll look into a jaunt to Perth but not sure if I have enough time to make it over there.

MJ- I KNOW! Ern and I are planning an Irish wake party to mourn the loss of the apartment.

Sarah said...

Yeah!!! Party on Moody Street! It's on!

Kevin said...

$900 to Oz is an unbelievable price. That's fantastic.