Monday, June 15, 2009

The Summer of No

I'm a natural yes person. I say yes to everything. (well, almost.)
Meet up for drinks? Yes.
Go to a concert? Yes.
Sox game tonight? Yes.
Cookout this weekend? Yes.
Play in a soccer tournament? Yes.
Meet up for dinner? Yes.
Catch that new movie? Yes.
Smell this? Ummmm....yes.
Do a kegstand? You know, I don't really do that anymore. Okay, yes.

Most of the time, I say yes because it's fun. I enjoy going out, trying new things, spending time with friends and family, exploring all of life's little possibilities. But sometimes I say yes out of guilt, like if someone invites me to their barbeque I feel bad saying no unless I have a clear-cut conflict, even though it's way out in the suburbs and I'll end up spending thirty minutes talking to somebody's uncle about the virtues of oil heat. But all this yessing can get both expensive and exhausting... especially when HOLY CRAP I ONLY HAVE TWO MONTHS TO WRITE MY ENTIRE THESIS. Oh, and I also have to finish my experiments, get a manuscript submitted, move out of my apartment, and line up a job. FUCKBALLS!

So you know that movie where Jim Carrey has to start saying yes to everything? I'm going for the opposite. Sadly enough, this is the Summer of No. I have no time and no money, and therefore I have to say no to everything. Well, except for Newport on the 4th of July and a Wilco concert. But really, no to everything else.


jay said...

i've got your back eileen. if you feel guilty saying no, just call me, and i'll say no to the invite for you, as your "no" spokesperson.

Eri said...

Deja Vu eileeno. Stick to the plan this time.....australia awaits.

Mike said...

Plus, that Jim Carrey movie was not the best. By far.

Kim said...

Wait, does this mean you're not coming to my bbq?

Do you need help moving?

ern said...

Ha! After my venerable roommate posted this, I suckered her into saying yes to staying up too late and drinking copious amounts of wine. I had not read this post yet, so will be modifying my behavior. The goal is a completed thesis and money to be spent on Australian beer! No more bad influence from this roommate.

Sarah said...

Andy and I have had this convo before, about how we go to anything we're invited too. It gets exhausting!! I support your Summer of NO!

eileen said...

Thanks for all of your NO support! Oh, and i didn't actually see that Jim Carrey movie- it looked terrible. I think he peaked at Me, Myself, and Irene.

Suldog said...

Well, there is some power to negative thinking. But don't deny yourself too much. Life without peril is hardly life at all :-)

Sarah said...

It is funny Eileen, because this has so far been the summer of maybe for me. Substituted only with 'depends' for certain things.

Can I go to ______'s party? Depends if I have a job or don't have a job.

Do I want to go to see Pat Benetar and Blondie on August 8th? Maybe. How much are tickets?

So, between the two of us and certain Summer of yes people who are out in the world, I think we're just balancing things out.

Kevin said...

So, you're not going to learn Korean this summer? (reference to movie, which I caught half of)

Stay strong and good luck with all you have to do this summer! Just stay focused on Australia.