Friday, June 19, 2009

My song is better than your song

This week, I'm going with something new. I stumbled across the band Blitzen Trapper last year and really enjoyed their happy, energetic rock sound. Plus, they do a cover of "Crazy on You" and anyone who pays tribute to Nancy and Ann is all right in my book.

This year, their single Furr is getting a lot of play time on indie circuits. It's mellower than most of their other stuff, but I really like it. It's also the only song that two separate people put on their mixes for a mix CD club I participate in.

Furr- Blitzen Trapper.

Happy rainy Friday, everyone!


danimal said...

3 people put it on their mix!

eileen said...

Official song of the Spring Mix!(and I'm not referring to salad greens).

Suldog said...

Fun! Thanks!

S said...

I've mentioned that I love this feature, right?

eileen said...

Glad you're enjoying the friday song- I do have fun picking them out.

J.R. and Jessica said...

blitzen trapper is a sweet find! love those guys, but had sort of forgotten about them. thanks for the remind.