Thursday, June 04, 2009

My song is better than your song: The Reunion Edition

Tomorrow, I head back to South Bend to attend my 10 year reunion. In tribute, I had planned to post a song popular in the year I graduated, but I took a peek at the Top 100 Hits of 1999 and quickly concluded that those songs are universally terrible. (a possible exception being "No Scrubs" which I recently performed at karaoke.)

I then considered music that I listened to during the college years, but much like those baggy sweatshirts and high-wasted jeans, Barenaked Ladies and and the Indigo Girls just seem a little too...dated.

Some songs still evoke potent memories of college. Think back to first semester freshman year...way're at a dorm room party. It's hot, sweaty, crowded, and there may or may not be a blacklight. Cans of Natty Light are the beverage of choice, and people are taking shots of Goldschlager. (Wow, with real gold flakes!)

And what's playing on the stereo? Why, it's the ubiquitous Pulp Fiction soundtrack!

Son of a Preacher Man, by Dusty Springfield.

Have a great weekend, everybody. I'll be busy pretending that I'm still in college, which is pretty much how I've spent the past ten years.


Kris said...

Have a great trip! I'm there with you in spirit. :)

(And what, no "Whippin' Post"??)

Andy said...

Unlike yourself, I am mad into the Top 100 songs of 1999. "Believe" by Cher? Deborah Cox? Jay-z? "Miami" by Will Smith?...Ahh the good old days. Drinking vodka out of a plastic jug while your friends are driving to Providence where you will act skanky in a low-rent club, while feeling superior to everyone because YOU are on a PLATFORM. Oh to be 19, agian....

eileen said...

Nice, Andy! I did make a 99 playlist for the weekend and "Miami" was on there. Good stuff. Oh, and the reunion was crazy funness.

Kevin said...

You were disappointed with a list featuring not one but two of your Boston homies - Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre? Nah, you're right, those songs generally sucked. What a crap year music wise. "No Scrubs" is the one song that sticks out for me as well from that year.