Friday, June 26, 2009

My song is better than your song

I had a song picked out for today, but then Michael Jackson went and died, so you're getting a double dose this Friday.

Song number one:
This weekend, after six years, I'm moving out of my Southie apartment and Ern and I are throwing an Irish wake tonight to mourn/celebrate the occasion. Although it's a good feeling to be moving foward in my life (pending my PhD defense this fall), I'm going to miss my old apartment and having Ern as a roommate. We first roomed together back in 1997, and although I did spend a couple of years each living with my sister Eri, my friend Maria, and a Nicaraguan family, Ern and I have been roommates in three different buildings, two states, and two millenia. And it's been a whole lot of fun. Like last night, when instead of cleaning and packing, we drank a six pack of Miller Lite, downloaded a bunch of Michael Jackson songs, and made veils for tonight's party. (Mine makes me look like a beekeeper.)

Sticking with the wake theme:

The Body of an American- The Pogues.
For you Wire fans, this is the song that is always played at a Detective's Wake.

Song number two:
I'm not really up to giving a proper Michael Jackson eulogy, but he was a transcendent figure in pop music and possibly the most famous person in the entire world. I can't think of a bigger star, except maybe Elvis or Madonna. His story is indeed tragic, and despite loads of talent (or perhaps because of it), he ended up a strange and disturbed adult. So I'd like to pay tribute to the young MJ, back when he was a cute kid with a great voice and phenomenal stage presence. Rest in Peace, MJ.

I Want You Back- The Jackson 5.


KcM said...

Fare thee well going away, there's nothing left to say. Farewell to the Jackson boy, to Farrah and MJ...

Hope every bastard there was piskey by the appointed hour.

Suldog said...

Ed McMahon completed the "death comes in threes" thing...