Monday, August 15, 2005

Music reviews

I tend to shop in binges, for example, ordering three CDs from when I originally intended to buy just one. They suckered me in with the "free shipping if you spend $25". So $37 dollars and a few days later, I am now the happy owner of three new CDs. The first is Get Behind Me Satan, by the White Stripes. Let it be known that I love The White Stripes. They make fun, feisty, and ferocious rock and roll music. They make me want to change my last name to White, dye my hair black, learn to sing and play an instrument, and join their band. Their latest album does not disappoint- so far, my favorite track is "My Doorbell", and I like "Little Ghost", which has a bluegrassy feel to it. The whole album is quality. The second CD is Beck's latest, Guero. I really like the song "Girl" and enjoyed most of the other tracks. If you like Beck, you'll like this album, if you don't, you won't be convinced. The third CD is Silent Alarm by Bloc Party, one of the new darlings of the indie rock scene. A sticker on the front of the album says "Bloc Party will be the band of 2005, no contest. As vital as The Clash in '77, as sinister as The Specials in '82." It's a good CD, but The Clash? Not quite. More like Franz Ferdinand meets Daft Punk. You can download a few songs for free from their website.

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