Thursday, August 18, 2005

My first craigslist experience

I have never purchased anything using eBay or craigslist due to a (probably irrational) fear that I will be hoodwinked, duped, have the wool pulled over my eyes, or any other synonym for ripped off. I am especially wary of buying tickets, because I've been scammed in the past. A few years ago, I paid $100 for a Jimmy Buffet ticket that turned out to be invalid. The scam works like this- order tickets online, claim to never have received said tickets, which causes them to be invalidated and replacements mailed, take the replacement tickets and proceed to event, sell the invalidated ticket to a scalper who will then resell it to an unsuspecting victim. The victim finds out the cold truth upon attempting to enter the venue, when the bar code is scanned, the ticket is confiscated and destroyed, and the victim is given a brief lecture from venue staff on the dangers of buying from scaplers. The victim proceeds back to the parking lot alone, sits down, and cries. Let us never speak of this incident again.

So today after work, I am buying two tickets to the White Stripes show at the Opera House. Having missed the boat when tickets went on sale, and rediscovering my love of Jack and Meg's musical genius (see previous post), I went on craigslist and found a guy selling a pair for face value. I decided to take the risk. I have his first name, phone number, and email address, and I am picking the tickets up from him in front of his office, so I'll know where he works. He seems legitimate, but I do find solace in the fact that if the tickets turn out to be phony, I can probably ruin his life. I think I'll restrain myself from telling him this.


Kelly said...

I sell my Cubs and concert tix on both sites all the time. I think most people on there are generally good. But, I have given people things like photocopies of my ID and business cards to show that I'm trustworthy and not selling fakes. I think asking for either of these items along with a face to face exchange saves you on c-list.

Anonymous said...

Oh Eileen,
I didn't know you cried at Buffet. But we did have a good time in the parking lot and I did try and marry you off!!!
LOL Col :)

eileen said...

Colann, the tailgating was a blast, especially seeing you flash that guy for a lobster :)