Monday, August 15, 2005

Reunion Report

My 10 year reunion wasn't fun exactly, but it wasn't terrible, either. Kim and I were both hit by a wave of sheer panic as we approached the locale, but we had already been spotted, so it was too late to turn back. It was definitely bizzare to be surrounded by people from high school again. Most people hadn't changed too much: a few fatties, one awful bleach blonde dye job, a couple of nerds proudly displaying their reduced nerdliness, one guy obviously suffering the after effects of a decade of drug use, another guy boasting about his business savvy, a couple of formerly plain girls looking gorgeous. A friend of mine came with her girlfriend, and I think she was a bit disappointed not to have caused more of a stir. This is a blue state, after all. Many people were married or engaged, the drama crowd all live in NYC now, and a surprising number of my classmates still live in Framingham with their parents. I did my best to avoid mundane conversations, the kind where you tell each other where you live, what you do, and with whom you keep in touch, but I still managed to get trapped a few times. Overall, most people seemed genuinely happy to see me, which was sort of a strange feeling. I kept hearing about how smart I was and how I was always such a good girl, until the cocktails kicked in and I got fed up with it and decided to tell people that I'm not that smart and I'm certainly not that good anymore. The second best part of the night was running into people whom I really liked in high school but hadn't seen since. The absolute best was eating blueberry pancakes at a diner with my best friend and her husband at 1AM, knowing that I wouldn't have to go to another one of these things for at least five more years.


Jon said...

More details!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, who are these formerly plain girls who now look gorgeous???

Kim said...

Well said :)