Sunday, August 28, 2005

Weekend Update

This weekend consisted of many ups and downs:
  • Helped organize the first-ever 8th Floor Happy Hour in my building. Ah yes, a few beers brings out the best in even the most antisocial of workplaces, the academic research laboratory.
  • After the Nerds Gone Wild happy hour, I went out to Smith and Wollensky's for a delicious Restaurant Week dinner for a friend's birthday. I had grilled steak medallions wrapped in bacon. Mmmmm....meat.
  • Ran 7 miles in the hot sun. I don't know if that's an up or a down.
  • Received a $150 ticket in the mail for failing to stop for a pedestrian while I was at the airport earlier in the week. Wait, let me defend myself, it wasn't my fault! I was stopped at the crosswalk and let a group of people cross. Once I determined that they were safely on the other side, I lifted my foot off the brake and began to move forward, and right then some idiot sprints out into traffic in front of my car. I slam on the brakes, crisis averted, but a statie pulls me over and issues a citation. I'm fightin' this one.
  • Spent two hours on the phone to Dell tech support, and they still haven't diagnosed my problem with the screen on my monitor turning completely white at random intervals.
  • Went to the goodbye party of close friend, fellow biologist, and soccer teammate Aimee D. She's leaving the best coast to head out to San Francisco. Godspeed, Aimee. I hope you enjoyed the inflatable saxophone serenade as much as we enjoyed eating your face. Check out a couple of pictures on Jon's site.

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