Saturday, July 15, 2006

Here come the Irish

There are very high hopes for ND football this fall. Here's's team preview and an article about Weis's impact on the program. ND opens on the road against Georgie Tech on Sept. 2, but the game I'm eagerly awaiting is their home opener against Penn St. on Sept. 9. I've always liked the Nittany Lions (although I have no idea what Nittany means) and Joe Pa, so it should be a great matchup.

In other sporting news, Bruce Arena is out as the U.S. national soccer coach. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Juergen Klinsmann, who did so well with the German team, will take the job. He's married to an American and lives in California, so it is a possibility.


mj said...

I didn't get any tickets this year through the lottery. I picked the Ga Tech and the Penn St game. Penn St turned out to have the largest requests for tickets in the lottery history. Oh well, at least I get my money back.

eileen said...

Too bad. I'm not going to make it out there this fall- for the last few years, attending weddings has replaced going to football games. Then again, I never get tickets through the lottery because I'm too cheap to donate. I justify not donating because A. I'm still technically paying, and will be for the next 5-10 years or whenever my student loans are paid off, and B. when I am feeling charitable, I'd rather give money to the Red Cross or Oxfam than to a university that sits on a bazillion dollar endowment and continues to raise tution every year. That being said, I still love ND.