Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Madonna in concert

My friend Colann won two tickets off the radio to Madonna's show last night, and she was sick, so my roommate Ern and I ended up going. I've been a fan of Madonna's music for a long time but had never seen her in concert. Madonna has made a career out of danceable music, pushing the envelope, and making a spectacle of herself, and the Confessions Tour is vintage Madonna. She mocked world leaders, she crucified herself on a giant disco cross, she dressed in leather and humped dancers and inanimate objects, and she danced her ass off for two straight hours. The majority of the songs were from the new album, but she did throw in Like a Virgin and La Isla Bonita, as well as Ray of Light (my personal favorite of the evening) and Music, which she performed in a white suit a la Saturday Night Fever. The only song I didn't like was "I Love New York," not because I have a Bostonian inferiority complex about the Big Apple, but because I think the song is lame: "I don't like cities, but I like New York, Other places make me feel like a dork" C'mon, Madge, you can do better than that.
Most of the crowd was on their feet dancing (and sweating....yeah, Madonna doesn't do AC) the entire time, except for a stodgy man in a suit sitting behind us. We became enemies after he tapped me on the shoulder to complain that my purse almost hit him while I was dancing to Ray of Light. Dude, these are $165 seats, and it's a Madonna concert. Have fun or go home!

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