Friday, July 14, 2006

Horror stories, laboratory style

The other day I received a junk email that said "Have you checked your cells today?" in the subject line. Something about it struck me as... ominous. It reminded me of one of those horror/ghost stories we used tell to scare each other when we were kids, the one with the babysitter who answers the phone and a strange voice says "Have you checked the children?" then she checks them and they're dead or something, I can't remember how it ended. They recently made a movie about it, When A Stranger Calls, which is actually a remake of a 1979 film of the same name. Apparently the original film is what spawned the ghost story used to scare legions of pre-teen girls during sleepover parties. Other scary tales included the one about the teenage couple in their car who hear a warning on the radio about a man with a hook who escaped from prison, and I bet you know what happens next. Cut to dead girlfriend and hook hanging on the side of the car. There was another story we used to tell about Wheelchair Mary, but I don't recall the details. There also existed an entire camp genre of ghost stories- the Indian women whose son got pushed of the cliff and her ghost haunts this very campsite and can be heard scratching on the tent walls at night, the girl who killed the other campers with a fork and sucked their blood, etc.
Anyways, now I'm rambling (too much iced coffee this morning), but for the record, I did check my cells and they were fine.


Tina said...

OMG, that was the funniest blog ever. I was reading the summaries of each horror story and got goose bumps...then I read that your cells were fine and life was good again =)

eileen said...

Hey, while you're at it, go and say Bloody Mary ten times while looking into a mirror at midnight, in the dark.