Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson is a crazed anti-Semite, blah blah blah

Not meaning to beat a dead horse or anything, but if you haven't read the transcript from Mel Gibson's DUI, here it is.

Two words: sugar tits.


brigita said...

I promose a Celebrity Deathmatch between Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson. I honestly can't decide which overrated "actor" I dislike more (I'm leaning towards the manic-Catholic who believes his Episcopalian wife is going to hell), but I can tell you that I will never again go to see one of their movies.

eileen said...

The pair of them are both complete whackjobs. I like how Gibson's apology blames his actions on his "inebriated state". He blew a 0.12....definitely not safe for driving, but not an excuse for going apeshit on a bunch of cops. Dude, lots of people get drunk without turning into raving lunatics. I think his problems run deeper than alcoholism.