Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Weekend Report

Friday- While waiting for my friends Jeff and Heather to arrive from a long road trip from West Virginia, I decided to meet up with my friend Bob and one of his coworkers for drinks. The good news? Bob had won $500 on a scratch ticket, so we drank a zillion beers, leading to conversations like this one:

Bob: Hey, what was that 80s movie with the dead guy?
Eileen and Mark: Weekend At Bernie's!
Bob: No, not that one.
Eileen and Mark: Weekend at Bernie's II!
Bob: No! Oh, now I remember. Animal House.
Eileen: What? Animal House doesn't feature a corpse.
Bob: I meant John Belushi- he's dead.
Mark: Well, you shouldn't have phrased it "80s movie with a dead guy," because that is clearly Weekend at Bernie's.

Saturday- Jeff went on a fishing trip for the bachelor party, so Heather and I did the Boston tourist thing: Freedom trail, swan boats, Faneuil Hall, North End. We also watched France defeat Brazil, stopped by a barbecue at Sue and Phil's house, and did a mini Southie bar tour.

Sunday- My Peace Corps friends Jake and Gina got hitched. We had a great time at the wedding, and were on our best behavior until the reception ended, at which point I got yelled at for playing the piano and Jeff berated for climbing up on the sign in front of the restaurant in an attempt to rearrange the letters spelling "Congratulations Gina and Jake" into something more comical. We ended up partying back at the hotel with the happy couple and their crazy friends into the wee hours.

Monday- We went up to the Crane's beach on the North Shore with Jeff's cousin and her four daughters, three of whom are little, hyper, and hilarious. As soon as I walked into the house, they pounced and made me an offer I couldn't refuse:

"Hi! We have an albino hedgehog named Billy Idol and our dad dyed him blue with food coloring! Wanna see?"

After a few hours at the beach, we had dinner in Newburyport and then drove the strip in Hampton Beach, NH, so Jeff and Heather had both the high and lowbrow New England summer experience.

Tuesday- Watched more World Cup, and attended my niece Nora's 1st birthday party. Isn't she cute?


mj said...

cute picture of nora. i want to see a photo of the dyed blue albino hedgehog.

eileen said...

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the blue hedgehog, but it did look hilarious.