Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy 4th of July weekend

I started the celebrations early by sneaking out of work to watch the Germany vs. Argentina game (Germany won in a shootout), and now I'm back in the lab, pretending to be sober.

I'll be staying in town for a wedding on Sunday. On the 4th, I'm hoping to catch the annual turnaround sail of the longest commissioned ship in the Navy, the USS Constitution. I fucking love Old Ironsides. It's also my adorable niece's first birthday party. I decided to ix-nay my plan of selling glow necklaces (I fucking love glow necklaces!) at the fireworks on Tuesday night after someone told me that he got arrested for selling them without a license last year.

Have a happy and safe Independence Day, everyone!

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LisaKate said...

Can I get a "fuck yeah"?!