Friday, June 30, 2006

Restaurant Review: Cafe Polonia

Ever since I read this book, I've been obsessed with Poland and all things Polish. When I discovered that Boston has a traditional Polish restaurant, Cafe Polonia, and that it's practically in my neighborhood, I had to try it. I went last night with some friends from grad school, and we really enjoyed it. The restaurant, located in Andrew Square, is small and quaint, with sturdy wooden furniture and Polish pop music playing in the background. The prices are very reasonable for a grad-student budget. I had never tried Polish food before, so I went for the combination Polish Plate, containing stuffed cabbage, pierogi, kielbasa, and some unidentified sauerkraut-like substance. It was very tasty; the stuffed cabbage roll was my favorite. Cafe Polonia also serves a variety of Polish beers, and since I had never heard of any of them, I asked the waitress for a recommendation. She told me that Zyweic is the most popular, and a Polish man overheard us and agreed that it was a good choice. The dessert menu shouldn't be ignored, either. I tried the Polish apple cake. I'd definitely recommend Cafe Polonia if you're in the mood to try something different- a cozy atmosphere, friendly service, and good food and beverages for low prices.


Briana said...

Hey Eileen- Have you been to I couldnt pull up the footage because I'm at school, but it looks like they have video highlights from all the round robin games and "best goal" clips. Thought you might want to check it out. Have a great weekend!

eileen said...

Cool, thanks, Bri. Happy almost 4th of July!