Sunday, June 18, 2006

Weekend Report

Friday- Saw Nacho Libre, starring Jack Black as a Mexican priest who becomes an amateur wrestler to raise money for the orphans who live at his monastery. Yes, it is a completely ridiculous plot. Or is it? Turns out a real-life Mexican priest wrestled in Lucha Libre for twenty three years under the name Fray Tormenta, or Father Storm. (article via Mr. Jinxy) I must admit, the movie wasn't Jack Black's finest work, and relied a little too heavily on gross-out gags instead of bizarre, witty nonsense. Although I think it's worth seeing, just to watch Jack Black parade around in stretchy pants.

Saturday- USA ties Italy, 1-1! I went to the Phoenix Landing to watch the game with Lisa- it's a great spot to watch soccer, and I was happy to see that it was packed with American soccer fans instead of the usual European clientele. The Irish owner handed out little American flags to everyone before the game started. We got there early enough to watch Ghana defeat the Czech Republic, and the USA fans were buzzing with excitement. Ghana's win means that the bracket is still wide open, and the U.S. has a chance to advance, despite their woeful performance against the Czech Republic. Their performance against Italy was the exact opposite- it was one of the most exciting soccer games I've ever seen. McBride's bloody face (and gratuitous shots of his shirtless torso, thanks ESPN!), one well-deserved red card on the Italians, two questionable red cards on the Americans, goalie Kasey Keller's amazing saves, Beasley coming off the bench to score a goal that was later called back, and, most of all, the obvious heart that the U.S team demonstrated. No wonder the rest of the world refers to Italy as the Italian Diving Team- true to their reputation, they played like whiny bitches more interested in drawing a call than going for the ball. Watch this hilarious clip of them at practice. After the game, Lisa and I bounced around Central Square and met up with her sister Meg at the Tavern, where we watched game 6 of the NHL finals. A few hours and several more beers later, I boarded the T home, still carrying my little American flag, which I plan to take with me to the Phoenix Landing on Wednesday morning to watch the U.S. play Ghana.

Sunday- I'm in the lab right now, getting some bacteria growing for tomorrow, and I'll be heading to Framingham tonight to celebrate Father's Day and my mom's birthday.

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