Monday, June 12, 2006

Weekend Report

Friday- Ditched work early to watch the opening match for the World Cup at the Phoenix Landing. It was such a blast- the bar was filled with Germans, Costa Ricans, and various soccer fans from all over the world, everyone excited for the start of the world Cup. Friday night, we had a pirate party for my roommate Ern's birthday. We had ordered a bunch of pirate supplies (eye patches, hoop earrings, bandanas, tattoos, etc.), and guests were immediately converted into pirates upon arrival. One of the funniest parts of the evening took place when my friend Monica and I, dressed as pirates, ventured to the convenience store to buy more ice. I could barely keep a straight face when Monica put her hook on the countertop while I was paying for the ice. The pirates drank and pillaged into the wee hours, but unfortunately, yours truly imbibed too much pirate punch and wasn't feeling so hot the next morning. Somehow, a bottle of Gold Strike (a Goldschlager knock-off, complete with the floating gold flakes) had turned up in the apartment, and I had the foolish idea to try a taste test between the cheapo version and Goldschlager. The verdict? Both nasty.

Saturday- Thankfully, I recovered from the pirate hangover in time to celebrate Phil and Sue's wedding. My sister Eri and I stopped at my grandparents' house on the way for some rhubarb pie. Since it was raining, we borrowed an umbrella, only to discover later that it was the World's Worst Umbrella- broken handle, broken spokes, and obvious mildew stains. We were hoping to put it away before anyone saw us using it, but the wedding photographer snapped a close-up of Eri and me sharing it on our way into the church. The wedding was great- it was nice to see the bride and groom so happy, and all of their friends and family were having a great time dancing and celebrating. Eri and I did a victory lap around the dance floor late in the evening, carrying the "Phil and Sue Just Married" sign. The reception lasted until 1AM, after which was a good old-fashioned afterparty in the maid of honor's hotel room.

Sunday- I went to Framingham and ate lobsters with the family, then headed back to Boston to clean up my punch-stained apartment.


LisaKate said...

Thanks for a great time, Eileen + Ern!! Happy Birthday wishes again! And I don't know about any pirates at the party, but I DID see a lot of booty! (wink wink nudge nudge notsomuch)

Kel said...

you live with fair now? cool! what's she up to these days? and where's maria?

eileen said...

yep, ern and I are back together. She's in law school here in Boston. Maria moved in with her BF, about 8 blocks away.

Beth said...

Shock horror! Maria is living with a member of the opposite sex? I mean, this isn't just breaking parietals. I think we might need to confiscate her degree.

Is that even how you spell parietals?