Friday, June 16, 2006

List #27....Levels of Nerddom

While talking about the World Cup, I let it slip that I liked Trinidad & Tobago because, as a kid, I collected stamps, and Trinidad and Tobago had the best stamps. Wait a minute....stamp collecting? Nerd Alert! Sticking with the theme, here's my ranking of Nerdliest Activities:

10. Star Wars (so mainstream it barely makes the scale...but bonus points for people who read the books or collect figurines)
9. Boardgames (except for Risk, that one gets bonus Nerd Points)
8. Scrapbooking (people into arts and crafts hate on it, but whatever, it's cooler than knitting. Oh, the heresy!)
7. Comic books
6. Stamp collecting
5. Belonging to a They Might Be Giants fan club
4. Star Trek
3. Show choir
2. Sci-fi/fantasy fiction
1. Dungeons and Dragons (or the current equivalent). The pinnacle of Nerddom.


Anonymous said...

What about board games by yourself?


Amanda said...

And I think marching band (particularly when capped off with the feather hat should've made the list...


eileen said...

Oooh, I totally forgot about marching band. That might me right around Star Trek level.
And as for playing board games by yourself, more sad than nerdy, "anonymous."

kris said...

Even though that was an OBVIOUS TROLL, Roomater, I'm going to bite...

SCRAPBOOKING COOLER THAN KNITTING?! You're insane. Lots of twee little soccer moms in pastel twinsets buying $20 hole punches and $5 stickers just so they can EXACTLY replicate a layout they saw in some $10 magazine? Pfft.

You can knit a penis. That should end the discussion right there. :)

Briana said...

Back in my day, the topper was definitely Magic cards, which I guess was some sort of dungeons and dragons card game? Don't know if the class of '95 was down with Magic like the class of '98...

eileen said...

Hah! I knew that knitting comment would get your goat, RT. I have a nerdy obsession with stationery, so I think that's why I prefer scrapbooking, although the knit penis was something to behold. Bri- I definitely remember the Magic cards and believe that they belong with Dungeons and Dragons in the #1 spot.