Monday, June 19, 2006

R.I.P., Lenny Bias

Twenty years ago today, the Celtics first round draft pick, Maryland star Lenny Bias, overdosed on cocaine and died. To this day, his name evokes shock and despair in Celtics fans, and many people note Bias' death as the end of the Celtics dynasty. The story has all of the makings of a Greek tragedy- a young superstar, on top of the world, makes one mistake and loses everything, including his life. For me, the most notable outcome of Lenny Bias' death is that it left me with an intense, life-long fear of cocaine. I can't understand why on earth anyone would do a drug that could potentially kill you (um, except for alcohol).

Here are a couple of articles on Lenny Bias and the impact of his death- an old one from the Sports Guy, and a new one from


brigita said...

The Mister keeps telling me in this oh-hon-you're-so-naïve kind of way that there are lots of people in sales that do coke.

My response is always along the lines of "I NEVER want to meet those people and if I already have, you better not tell me because I'll probably wind up telling them off the next time I tie one on."

Beer is my anti-drug.

eileen said...

Yeah, cocaine use is probably more common than I think it is, but it's still frickin stupid. Just look at Pete Doherty.

brigita said...

Or on the other hand, don't. I should tape a big, glossy pic of him at his skeevy best to my fridge and watch the pounds melt away as my appetite shrinks to nothing.

Mister Jinxy said...

Oy! 20 years. Holy crap. I'm old.

brigita said...

Wrong post, Jinx. ;)