Monday, June 19, 2006

Eat fluff or die

I realize that childhood obesity is a growing problem in the U.S., but isn't this taking things to far? A Massachusetts state senator has proposed an amendment to the upcoming junk food bill banning the sale of Fluffernutters in school cafeterias. Fluff, a marshmallow cream substance manufactured in Lynn (City of Sin), is combined with peanut butter and served on white bread to form the Fluffernutter, a New England cafeteria staple. Inn my elementary school days, we could choose between hot lunch and a sandwich (because some days you don't want American Chop Suey or an oddly-shaped taco), and the sandwich of the day alternated between tuna, bologna, and fluffernutter. The Fluffernutter was the obvious favorite. Yes, it's 50% sugar, and that's not exactly healthy. However, I think the recent rise in childhood obesity has less to do with what kids are eating, and more to do with the fact that they sit indoors playing video games all day instead of running around outside. In addition to the nostalgia factor, my personal pro-Fluff bias stems from several fond memories involving the substance, like the time in college when we dared Ern to eat an entire tub of it in under an hour, and she promptly vomitted up a white, fluffy goo, or the time when my labmates and I snuck a tray of fluffernutters into the department holiday pot luck, and watched on in amusement as baffled foreign scientists investigated the strange sandwiches. And here's another opinion from the article:

``A lot of my friends eat Fluffernutter because they don't like school lunch," said 12-year-old Simone Rivard , a sixth-grader . She isn't a big fan of the marshmallow spread herself, but doesn't think it should be restricted either. ``There shouldn't be laws saying what you can and can't eat," she said.

A ban on fluff is a ban on freedom!

P.S. For future reference, running a Google Image search on the term "fluff" is NOT RECOMMENDED.


brigita said...

While I wholeheartedly agree with the ban on soda machines in schools, I don't see any harm with the occasional Fluffernutter. How 'bout school cafeterias start making them with whole wheat bread?

Or better yet, why don't public schools worry less about fluff and more about the fact that they're cancelling gym and recess left and right?! Is nothing sacred?

Kim said...

The proposed ban just makes me want to go out and buy a jar of fluff.

Megr said...
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Megr said...

Next thing you know the caf will serve Salmon filet with a side salad. No more soggy tuna, french bread pizza (my personal fav), foot-long hot dogs, and charred burgers or chicken sandwiches. Of course for dessert, there was always otis spunkmeyer's half-cooked chocolate chip cookies. YUM!