Monday, June 19, 2006

Oye como va...mis zapatos

I went shopping this weekend, something I do only a couple of times a year because A. I'm perpetually broke and B. I work in a lab, so I wear jeans and sneakers almost every day. While perusing the local mall for a pair of sandals, I made an alarming discovery. Carlos Santana has his own line of women's footwear, called Carlos. Carlos, Carlos, Carlos....have you completely given up on you music career? Some of those duets weren't half bad. I cannot think of anything less rockin' to attach your name to than women's shoes. And, let's face it, the man is not known for stylish clothing. Would you buy shoes from this man?

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Michael Caroff said...

When I first heard that Santana had a women's shoes line (Carlos by Carlos Santana Shoes) I was just as incredulous as you. But, since I am trying to assemble the definitive Santana resource site, I had to investigate them.

Two things impressed me. One was that a large share of the profits go to benefit his charity, the Milagro Foundation -- setup to benefit needy kids. Second was that, according to my wife (a photo stylist), the shoes were hot! I can only assume that Santana's ex-wife, Deborah Santana, was instrumental in the design.

After a while, I learned so much about women's shoes (more than I ever thought I would!) that I decided to write a guide for men who wanted to buy shoes for their significant others:

Guy's Guide to Buying Carlos Santana Shoes

Amazing what a little research will do! :)