Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Nerdiest Guy on Earth

I am certainly no fashion diva, and was looking worse for the wear when I hopped on the T after my soccer game in the blazing heat. I was wearing my neon green "E. coli Happens" t-shirt and suffering from a visible case of buttsweat. However, the Nerdiest Guy on Earth stepped on the train and stole my thunder.

Fanny pack? Check.
Enormous backpack with wheels? Check.
Foam earplugs? Check.
Not one, but two huge Computer Programming textbooks which he proceeded to take out and study? Check.
An old-school, big, pink eraser? Check.

Alone, everything except the fanny pack and the foam earplugs could have been overlooked, but the combination was deadly. The worst part is that the guy was in his mid-thirties and clearly should have known better. That level of dorkiness can only be excused in teenagers and the elderly.


Anonymous said...

You totally should have asked him out and then you could have bought him new clothes, etc. and made him cool, just like a male Clueless.

eileen said...

You're right! A golden opportunity, wasted. I love Clueless.