Friday, July 07, 2006

List #29...Worst Movies I Actually Paid Money to See in the Theater

I am not a very picky person. I like almost every person I meet, beer I drink, food I eat, and movie I watch. However, the things that I dislike, I dislike vehemently. They say hate is a strong word. Well, I hate these movies:

6. Joe vs. The Volcano. Even my thirteen year old self didn't think this movie was funny. The whole beginning part when they portray how dull, monotonous, and tedious Joe's life is pre-volcano was so dull, monotonous, and tedious that it ruined the entire movie.
5. Maid in Manhattan. Yes, I saw this in the theater. Willingly. I have no idea why.
4. All three of the new Star Wars movies. They all sucked. But the one with Jar Jar Binks sucked the most.
3. Blair Witch Project. I would have liked this movie a lot more if the painfully annoying girl had died first.
2. Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I ended up seeing this movie because Million Dollar Baby was sold out. I should have just gone home instead.

and the movie I hate most of all in the entire world....

1. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Utter and complete crap.

Happy weekend, everyone! I'm headed to P-town and then the Madonna concert on Monday night.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Why would you pay to see Million Doller Baby in the first place? One bad idea leads to another - I think seeing DOAMBW is your justified karmic punishment for trying to support Clint's serious phase. The third star wars was really good - are you crazy?

Megr said...

No wonder anonymous went anonymous. Million $ baby... fab... DOAMBW never saw, never want to.... I am a serious Star Wars fan and the only good parts of the new movies were in ep 1: Phantom menace make up & wardrome (character was a serious let down) ep2: when Anakin got his hand chopped off (1. dislike Hayden Christensen 2. similar to when Luke got his chopped off.) and in ep3: when Anakin crawled out of the lava (1. dislike Hayden Christensen & 2. Cool special effects 3. never knew why darth was in the suit) oops if i gave away the whole thing.. but not really.

My all time hated movie: Powder... I paid for it in the theater. Next... People vs. Larry Flynt - never knew why they made such a big deal about it.

Kim said...

I was in attendance with you at your top 3 worst movies, sweet! At least we saw Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Blair Witch at the discount theater...

Kevin said...

Yep, Midnight is worst movie ever! I was there too!

Btw, Eileen do you still like hot, bald Zizou after his red card?

eileen said...

I love Star Wars but even the third new one sucked. Yoda fighting and cool special effects couldn't make up for the complete and utter awfulness of Hayden C. and Natalie P.. Absoulutely no chemistry, and the dialogue?? Terrible. I did like the scene with Anakin crawling out of the lava, though.
Kim- we need to do a better job at picking movies :)
Kev- stay tuned for my world cup summary.

Anonymous said...

I think Toys with Robin Williams was the worst movie I saw in a theater. As for Star Wars Episode I, while terrible, I am going to rewatch it now that I learned Keira Knightley was part of Queen Amidala's entourage, I missed that the first time around.