Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back in the USA

After a very long day of travelling, I made it back to Boston late last night. The last couple days in Medellin were a blur of shopping, packing, and saying goodbyes. This photo of the city was taken from Caro's father's balcony. Unfortunately, the down side of living high enough up to have a nice view is that it's incredibly noisy. It's as if all of the noise from the streets of the entire city is caught, amplified, and funneled into the windows of the apartment. We did manage to relax and drink some beers in a patio lined with coffee trees before leaving town.

Overall, I had a great trip, and I'd love to go back, especially to the Pacific coast. To end, here are some facts from Colombia:

1. Questions I was asked most frequently:

a. So, what do you think of Colombia?

b. Hey, where did you learn Spanish?

2. Colombia is composed of the following groups of people, in the following order:

a. Military
b. Police
c. Nuns
d. Unordained civilians

  • 3. Medellin has Dunkin Donuts! Yay!

4. Colombia is as safe as the United States (well, at least according to this poll).

5. The national liquor is an anise-flavored spirit called Aguardiente. I wasn't a huge fan of the taste, but I liked the fact that it doesn't cause hangovers.

6. Instead of tortillas, Colombians eat arepas, which is similar to a corn tortialla, only larger, thicker, and crispy. I'm a fan.

7. Colombians are crazy about Christmas. Lights, EVERYWHERE. Nativities, EVERYWHERE. But instead of Santa bringing presents, baby Jesus does.


Mrs. V said...

How was that Eagle beer? Hey, Eileen, I love your long hair and you look stunning in front of those coffee plants. Was it the Pacific air?

eileen said...

Thanks, Mrs. V! I think it was the first time I combed my hair and put on lip gloss after a week with no mirrors in the Pcific.

Agila was my favorite Colombian beer.

Briana said...

Welcome back!