Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend Report

Friday- Went to the Cetlics game with my dad. They lost to the Sacramento Kings, but we still had a good time. Most of the Celtics veterans are currently injured, so the lineup was entirely rookies and young players. Delonte West and Al Jefferson both looked great, so that’s a small ray of light for the C’s, provided that Danny Ainge doesn’t do anything dumb like trade them. They should definitely get rid of Sebastian Telfair; he isn’t bad, but isn’t getting many minutes and would probably be a better fit elsewhere. I wasn’t too impressed by Rondo or Green either. As for the Kings, Ron Artest is sporting a sweet mohawk and a one-legged tights Florence Griifith Joyner look. Dude is crazy. He handles the ball a lot more that I expected, too. The Kings also have a sophomore named Kevin Martin who is nasty good- I hadn’t heard much about him, but he’s their leading scorer. He reminds me a lot of Tayshaun Prince- skinny and quick with a smooth shot.

Saturday- Worked, played soccer, and went to the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge to celebrate Lisa’s birthday. I hadn’t been there before and I liked it- good crowd, great music, including lots of early 90’s middle school favorites. Trendy, but with normal drink prices, and beer on tap. There’s nothing I hate more than fancy bars that charge $7 for a beer and only carry Amstel Light. (Okay, I hate racism and injustice more. And Carol of the Bells.) The only complaint is that every time someone walked in through the giant glass door, a strong gust of bitter cold air followed. Until it got crowded, half of the patrons were still wearing their winter jackets inside. They need to put up one of those velvet curtains or something. Nevertheless, I had a fun time catching up with friends and celebrating with the birthday girl. I also got a bit drunkies and gave my number to a young little architect from Jerusalem. I wanted to ask him if he was Israeli or Palestinian, but decided that it might not go over well.

Sunday- Attended a Red Egg and Ginger Party for baby Maya, daughter of my friends Kim and Mike. In Chinese culture, red eggs and ginger symbolize luck and fertility. It is also customary to shave the baby’s head at the Red Egg and Ginger party, but they skipped that one. Basically, I chowed down on Chinese food for a couple of hours. I tried some interesting fruits called lychee and rambutans. Later on, I watched a certain football game that will shall never be mentioned again.


Tina said...

I LOVE YOU, Eileen. Your blogs are soooo funny. I love it.
It's funny that you described lychee and rambutans as "interesting fruits" because to me, they are as normal as durian and limkim.

eileen said...

Thanks, Tina!

Q. What does a rambutan taste like?
A. A lychee.

Kevin said...

Dude, lychees taste way better than rambutan. Have you tried longan yet?