Monday, January 29, 2007

Davis Square

I decided to make Davis Square in Somerville the first stop in my Boston Neighborhood Project. It turned out to be a two-parter. On Tuesday, I went to dinner at the Burren and drinks at the Joshua Tree with Ern and Debby. I liked the Burren a lot, but thought it looked oddly familiar, until I figured out that it is a sister restaurant to The Skellig in Waltham, where I’ve been several times.

Since the whole point of the project is to try new things, I went back on Sunday to walk around and check out some of the local shops and restaurants. Ern and I had a delicious Indian lunch at Diva- the buffet was around $12, a great deal. I tried goat meat for the first time and it was much more tender and flavorful than I had expected.

We then met up with friend and Somerville resident Chris and wandered around checking out a couple book and music stores.

Lastly, we stopped for tea and cider at Diesel Cafe. The place is more of a west-coast style coffee shop (East Coast = they put the sugar and cream in your coffee for you, West Coast = You do it yourself), packed with college students and hipsters on their computers. The high point of the day was discovering the old-time photo booth at Diesel, which led to this example of photographic excellence:

The Sunday afternoon trip was exactly what I had in mind- I had fun exploring a different neighborhood and going to some new (to me) places. I would definitely go back to Davis Square, and I'm looking forward to my next stop on my tour of Boston.


carmen said...

sounds like a lot of fun! i wish augusta had fun places to go to like that.

Kim said...

I like how the "old-time" photo booth produces the same kind of pictures we used to get when we were 10. What are you saying?

eileen said...

It was actually a crank-powered camera operated by a monkey. Feel better, old timer?