Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm a believer

Last night, Ern, JR, Neal, and I went to a Guinness Believer tasting at Boston Center for the Arts. No, it wasn't as good as Meg's recent trip to the brewery, but we did get free beer. I learned a couple of things, too. Guinness is nitrogenated, not carbonated, so that's why the bubbles are tiny and flow downward. Also, founder Arthur Guinness was so certain that his brewery would be a success that he signed a long-term lease, for nine thousand years. (Perhaps the true apocalypse will come when said lease expires.) We ended up sitting at the worst table ever, with four Eastern European men who wouldn't talk to us and kept trying to hog the free beer, but other than that, it was fun.

Here's a photo of JR with the Guinness girls and the MC, who later expressed annoyance at JR's appearance in the photo. And a photo of the contents of my purse, which was a handy vehicle for smuggling out pint glasses.


Jinxy said...

When I was in Dublin, I went on the brewery tour there.

There were these two 12 year olds in line behind me so I forced them to give me their sample tickets because they weren't old enough to drink.

Mmmm. Beerrr.

Tom said...

dude! I was going to go to that! But then Jane cancelled, and she was the only one I knew going, so I bailed too!

Man. Missed opportunities. Nice stash of pint glasses.

eileen said...

Aw man, you would have been much better company than the mean Russians.

ern said...

the russians were mean! and wouldn't follow directions. like "hey, give me that beer."

S said...

You stole the pint glasses? Awesome!

Jay said...

I joined up with the ad agency that's responsible for the Believer Event. I wrote and directed all the segments. Love to know more about what you guys and girls think.


Mike said...

Hey I wasn't annoyed that the guy jumped in the photo! The more the merrier! Take care - slainte!

Mike McNamara