Thursday, January 18, 2007

Spacy and irrittable... what I become in the absence of caffeine. For the past, um, three years or so, my daily beverage intake has looked like this:

Coffee, coffee, coffee, soda, soda, coffee, beer, beer

Or occasionally, this:

Coffee, coffee, coffee, soda, soda, coffee, wine, wine, wine

(Water used sparingly.)

This week, I decided to try to make it look more like this:

Water, coffee, water, water, water, water, wine/beer, water

The results?

Tuesday: Forgot my cell phone, mild headache all day.

Wednesday: Forgot my lunch and my new CDs I wanted to listen to. Forgot to add a key ingredient to one of my experiments. Threw a hissy fit at a coworker (a supervisor, nonetheless) because he moved a shelf in front of a piece of equipment I use. Apologized later, but still felt bad about it all day.

Thursday: Realized that lack of caffeine turns me into a brainless twat. I’m still going to cut back, but I started off the day with a giant cup of hot tea, and not of the decaffeinated kind.

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ern said...

wednesday: cranky eileen also beat her roommate senseless with some unrecycled beer bottles, but did deliver some emergency wine when i was in dire need. i guess we're even.