Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend Report

Friday- After work, I went with a few friends to Pho Pasteur- an enormous bowl of spicy curry soup hit the spot on such a bitterly cold day. Next, we stopped by a crazy Chinese restaurant with a Nicaraguan bartender for a drink. My friend and former roommate Jossy was in town with her cousin Natalie from Scotland, so a group of us met up at Kennedy’s and then moved on Beantown Pub. So yes, basically, an impromptu Asian restaurant/ Irish bar pub crawl. We had a great time catching up, and in the process, consumed, oh, approximately one zillion beers. Here are some photos from the evening: don’t we look like a bunch of A-holes?

Saturday- Woke up A. wishing I had a time machine to take me to a point in the future in which I wouldn't feel hungover and B. wondering if I was ever going to grow up and behave like a responsible adult. A bacon and egg sandwich cured both the hangover and the self-loathing. I Went to the New Balance outlet to buy some new running shoes. Played soccer. Went to a birthday party in Worcester for my friend Karen, who is a post-doc at the UMass Medical Center. Since the party was full of scientists, conversation focused around themes like publications, conferences, and favorite pathogens.

Sunday- Spent the day in Davis Square, which will get its own post. Then, I drove Jossy to the airport and went over Jamie and Maria’s for dinner. Our friend Lauren was on a show on the Food Network (her boss is a chef and she appeared on an episode with him), and Maria taped it so we could enjoy Lauren’s television debut together.

Also, congratulations go out to Roger Federer for winning the Australian Open. I watched the women’s final, and man, Serena absolutely destroyed Maria Sharapova.

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ern said...

seriously, what a-holes!! sadly, myself included. thanks, all involved, for my wicked hangover on saturday.