Friday, June 15, 2007

Congratulations, San Antonio

The Spurs captured their 4th NBA title last night, sweeping Cleveland and providing evidence that the disparity between the Eastern and Western Conferences is akin to JV- Varisty these days. I lost interest in the playoffs after the Suns- Spurs series (a.k.a The Real NBA Final), but I did catch last night's game. LeBron had a great playoff run (hey, did you guys know that his girlfriend just had a baby? No kidding! Wow! You'd think they would have mentioned that during the broadcast.) but does need some more support. I'm happy that Tony Parker won the MVP- Duncan's obviously a stellar player, but a couple of years ago, I saw the Spurs completely dismantle the Celtics at the new Garden and walked away from it very impressed by Parker's play. Maybe because the C's haven't had a decent point guard in years. Plus, in addition to my Posada voice, I've created a new Tony Parker voice with a heavy French accent. He doesn't seem to have any accent whatsoever, but I'm convinced he masks it during interviews. "Eva, ma chérie, I am zee MVP!"

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Anonymous said...

That accent is fantastic! I heart Tony Parker... Be gone with Eva! So glad he got MVP too! He is ridiculous! SPURS!! -Nikki