Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nymph glands

Former Red Sox 2004 World Champions: Where Are They Now?

Last night, I attended a minor league baseball game and spotted a familiar name on the Louisville Bats roster: Mark Bellhorn. No longer sporting hockey hair, he now is a DH in the minor leagues. Part of me wonders why he doesn't give it up and make money signing baseball paraphernalia, but hey, maybe he's doing it For The Love of the Game.

In addition to learning about Bellhorn's current whereabouts, I also discovered what happens when you take a woman whose spent the past three years either pregnant or breastfeeding and let her loose in a strange city with cheap beer. I give you, my sister Kerry:

Note: This picture was taken before she drank three giant beers, spilled a fourth one (on a family), and loudly shouted the F word. Fun times!

As for the grading, here are some gems from today's answers, in addition to the mentioning of the "nymph glands":

  • Millions of years ago homo sapiens had heads that were placed in front of their bodies. Today, however, our heads are placed directly on top of our heads.
  • Cephalization is important in evolution. For example, think of our forefathers Adam and Eve. If Eve had a bigger brain, she would have resisted the devil and not taken the apple, avoiding all of the trouble that followed. This is an example of evolution.


Kim said...

1. Those answers are hilarious.
2. Go Kerry!
3. How did the people at the game like your pink laptop bag?

eileen said...

Mark Bellhorn said he loved the bag :)