Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend Report

Friday- Went over Kim and Mike's to visit them and their baby. We rented Music and Lyrics, the latest Rom Com starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. It was so-so...much better than the last Rom Com Kim and I rented (my Super Ex-Girlfriend, which sucked), but not as good as The Holiday.

Saturday- Busy day. Went to a bridal shower/cookout for some science friends in Worcester. Played soccer. Attended Maria and Jamie's second annual Crawfish Boil. Ate lots of crustaceans and drank too many hurricaines. So fun! Watched LeBron take the Cavs to the NBA finals. I'll post pictures soon. Of the crawish boil, not LeBron.

Sunday- Hit my second bridal shower of the weekend, worked, visited with the family, watched a lousy Red Sox game. Well, the game wasn't lousy, just the outcome. Although I did get to see my roommate Ern sitting in the front row, getting rained upon.


Tina said...

Going to Sox game tomorrow. Go Sox!! Roommate is from Newton so we got a bunch of people from Boston/Tufts to go to the game.

eileen said...

lucky you- have fun!