Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Report

Friday- I spend the night alone with a sweet and adorable Spaniard. Here he is:

Saturday- A friend from college, Joe, popped into the city and Ern, Pat and I spent the day with him enjoying the sunshine and some of Southie's scenic locales. We had lunch at The Daily Catch, where the food and the view (see left) are excellent, but our waiter was terrible. After walking along the Harborwalk, we stopped by the Dorchester Height monument, about which a scary man once said to me "there's nothing to do up there except bury guns." We didn't find any buried weapons, but Joe did get electrocuted. Or at least pretended to. After discovering that Joe had never heard of candlepin bowling (or, "bowling"), we decided to bowl a few strings at the local lanes on East Broadway, thus completing the tour of Southie. Saturday night I attended a goodbye party for my friend Maria Jose, who is moving back to Spain this week.

Sunday- After consuming too much sangria at the depsedida, I woke up on Carolina's fold-out bed. Since the weather was so nice, we decided to go to the beach and drove up to Manchester-By-The-Sea on the North shore. Beautiful day, freezing water. We had a late lunch, and I continued onward to Framingham for dinner with my parents. I think one of the benefits of living in a place with unpredictable and frequently lousy weather is that one gains a true appreciation of the nice days, especially when they come on weekends.


ern said...

that waiter was like everything awkward in the world rolled into one human who just happened to be serving us food and drinks. remember when he implied we were drinking too much? awkwardly hilarious!

eileen said...

I couldn't even describe how awkward the waiter was, because it makes me cringe just thinking about it.