Thursday, June 14, 2007

What you don't know about cephalization

More quotes from the AP Bio Exam:

  • It is so complex that my brain hurts just writing about how complex the brain really is.
  • Our body is pretty complex but at the same time it's simple.
  • Just like the human brain works the animal brain works, but maybe a little different.
  • Cephalization is the act of cephalizing, which comes from the word cephalis, not to be confused with its neighboring term, syphilis.

In other news, my friend Allison randomly discovered that a band we both like, The Be Good Tanyas, was performing last night in Louisville. I went to see them, and I've never been to a concert by myself so I was worried that I'd feel totally lame, but it wasn't a big deal. Turns out they were playing in a church auditorium that seats around 400 people, and I obtained a spot in the 7th row in front of the stage, surrounded by middle-aged Christians. The show was great! They're a Canadian bluegrass trio of girls who play various stringed instruments (guitar, banjo, etc.) and sing, backed up by a male drummer and stand up bass player. I love their music, especially when Frazey Ford sings lead. She has a rich, smooth voice, sort of like Norah Jones or Natalie Merchant. Overall, they're sort of like the Canadian version of the Dixie Chicks minus the perkiness and plus a blues singer. I did think their stage presence could use a little work- I'm guessing that a stage at a church auditorium isn't their usual venue, but they were constantly asking the sound guy to make adjustments, and they looked pretty uncomfortable and stressed out and didn't seem like they were having much fun. Nevertheless, they won everyone over with their amazing music, and they did loosen up about halfway through the set and made fun of themselves for being so neurotic about the sound. Oh, and I couldn't even take any pictures because my stupid camera ran out of batteries. I did post one of their songs a while back in case you want to download it and check them out.

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