Tuesday, January 15, 2008

For thrifty readers

A couple of my friends recommended paperbackswap.com as a source for free books. Basically, you join, you register the books you currently have and are willing to give away, and you accumulate points (either by mailing books out or listing 10 that you are willing to mail out). You have to pay for postage for the books you mail out, but you receive books for free! Once you have points to spend, you can search for books you want and either order them (if they are currently available) or put them on your wish list. Both of my friends who use the site swear by it.
If you do sign up, please use me as a reference (hooray for points!). You can either use my account name - eileend- or my email address - emd3737 at hotmail.

Lastly, remember to vote on your choice for the upcoming DCOE book club!

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Colann said...

HMMM... where did this come from!! HA HA HA!! This has got to be one of the best websites if you like to read. I get about 10 books a month and mail about the same. i have to start reading more though because I read 2 books so far this month and have gotten about 11!!