Monday, January 14, 2008

The Joy of Text

It took me a while to warm up to text messaging. These fingers? Not so nimble. I am a slow and typo-prone texter. And you know how sometimes your phone predicts ridiculous words once you type in a couple of letters? It makes me laugh so hard that sometimes I keep them. Like, instead of "we're at trivia." you might get a text from me that says "we're at urinary."

I still think calling is generally a faster and more polite means of communication, but texting is starting to grow on me. Except when I'm driving. I fully admit to chatting on my phone while behind the wheel, but drive-texting is too much for me to manage. And, it does piss me off when you're hanging out with someone and and he or she keeps playing with his/her phone. Pay attention to me! I'm right here! (Yes, I'm the middle child. Why do you ask?) However, texting can be quite handy, like when you're meeting someone at a noisy bar, or you're riding the bus and don't want to be all Little Miss Cell Phone Talker. Or, you and your friends are all watching the same sporting event (in different locations) and can text amusing commentary back and forth.

So, last time I went to Verizon to renew my cell phone contract, I asked about a new plan that would include texting. The salesman was in his early 20s and probably hangs out at The Place and other post-fratty type venues. He described one that would allow me to send and receive 250 messages and photos a month.

Me: "250? Are you sure that's enough?"
Salesman: "Hold on, let me look up your account."
Salesman, with obvious disdain: "Yeah, there's no way you'll ever even get close to that." Like I was a big loser who didn't have any friends. How dare I think I might start receiving and sending more texts?
Me: "I'M POPULAR!" Just kidding, I didn't really yell that. I hung my head in shame and agreed to the 250 plan.

Cut to this month's Verizon bill. An extra $16.72 charge for Data. Data? WTF? I inspected the bill a bit closer. Guess who got charged because she exceeded her text and picture limit? That's right. ME. So suck it, condesceding Verizon salesboy.


jay said...

i had the same issue, so i just upped my plan to the unlimited texting plan. now i just get yelled at by my friends who don't have that plan (who know who you are mike and jim), who get charged for texts recieved..

nad said...

If you ever come across a particularly funny text, or find one in the morning, post it on

Ryan said...

I bet if you called the overlords at Verizon and told them about salesboy's comments they would waive the data fee as a one time only exception. $16? Way too much to waste on pictures of ern with a pillow on her head.