Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekend Report

Friday- Worked late (part of my Graduate in '08! campaign), then went home and drank a bottle of wine and watched Love Actually with my roommate.

Saturday- Worked all day (see above campaign), then played soccer. My team won, in part due to my dirty tactics on defense. I used to be an aggressive but squeaky-clean player, but in a co-ed league, I must confess that I get a bit chippy when marking up on guys with a noticeable size advantage. In this game, I was covering a guy who was about 6 inches taller and 90 pounds my senior. He elbowed me in the chest at one point (totally by accident, but still, I was pissed), so I proceeded to elbow, kick at, knee, and tug on his jersey throughout the rest of the game. It's very rare for refs to call a girl vs. guy foul, so I never got called. As one of my teammates put it: "You could have pulled a 2 by 4 and whacked him over the head with it, and the ref still wouldn't have called anything." Whatever. We won. After that, I met up with some friends at Improv Asylum in the North End. I had never been to an improv show before (please forgive me, Tara D!), and I really enjoyed it. The format was similar to an episode of "Whose Line Is It, Anyways?" and so, so funny. There were mostly couples in the audience, so I would recommend it for a fun date night. After that, we went to a bar in the North End whose name I can't remember , but it was an alliteration.

Sunday- Went to a family lunch at my aunt, uncle, and cousins' house in central Mass, then met up with visiting college friend Teri and some friends at the Beehive. So fun! I love that place more every time I go. This time, we were the random people who show up at 5:30 on a Sunday (Early Bird special?), but we had a great time sampling drinks and food and chatting with the excellent waitstaff. The question of the day was "Where is the Strait of Magellan located?" and the whole bar got involved. No Googling- leave your answers in the comments.


J.R. said...

Putting my money on the stretch between the southern tip of Argentina's mainland and Tierra del Fuego. Also, not sure, but I think it's actually spelled "Straits" of Magellan. The "Straights" of Magellan, on the other hand, is a yahoo group for single heterosexuals who get together to share cocktails and flirt over conversation about the Portugese explorer, and more recently, to see how many times they can use the man's name in a variation of the recent Dr. Scholls ad campaign... that's right... now you're Ma-geelllinn!!

eileen said...

Ooops..strait, not straight! As for location, right spot, wrong country.
We did have some funny answers at the last Straights of Magellan meeting- like "south of Portugal." No, that's the Strait of Gibraltar, silly!

Kris said...

Dammit! I was gonna go with the Portugal thing.

lisakate said...

I have no guess...just wanted to say hi Eileen! Its been a while!

Kevin said...

Just wanted to share a picture of the minefield located next to the Strait of Magellan:

Plus a picture of the Strait itself. It's not terribly exciting and it doesn't take too long too cross by ferry, but I figured it was historical enough to take a picture.

eileen said...

As for the answer, it's Chile.

Kev- why is there a minefield next to the Strait of Magellan?

bigglesworth said...

ah, you landlubbers kill me. how about "where are the straits of malacca" put that one in your pipe and ... well, maybe that one isn't so tough either -- a bit further than magellan's strait (use to be a full house)

Kevin said...

Ah, now that's a good question. I assumed it was due to tensions between Argentina and Chile (they almost went to war over 3 small islands in the early 80s, until the Vatican had to step in and stop them, being good Catholic countries and all). Chile and Argentina have always had border disputes, hence a lot of small, random towns of 100 people or so all along the border on both sides to claim territory. There are still some parts of the border not fully decided (like random lakes 20,000 feet up in the Andes).

However, now that I think about it, it could date to WWII when a lot of ships went back and forth between the Atlantic and Pacific and might have used the strait.

So, I don't really know and tried to find out and couldn't. I'm still guessing Argentina/Chile conflict, with the possibility of some Falkland Islands war connection.