Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cuba Libre

I don't know if it was due to yesterday's big announcement or the fact that I received one Cuban peso in the mail for winning this contest, but something gave me the undeniable urge to fix myself a rum and coke.

Despite my leftist leanings, I have no soft spot in my heart for Fidel and his 49 year dictatorship. Good riddance. When I was in Nicaragua, a couple of my Peace Corps friends traveled to Cuba, and came back with only this to say: "Communism sucks."


Vance said...

So THAT'S why my blog stats were going crazy.

I don't know about "holding a soft spot in your heart for 'El Commandante'". I'm sure La Damas en Blanca and a couple of hundred political prisoners would like to talk to you about that, but we are living in exciting times on "Tralfamadore".

I'm exicted you won the contest and am glad you got your prize. Remember, it's worth 1.08 percent of the U.S. dollar, no matter how far the greenback falls.

How's that for freakanomics?


Vance said...

Sorry, I just re-read that. Your PCV friends are right.

This place does suck.

But we're making it work! For your reading pleasure.