Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The strangest thing you'll see all day

I normally don't post stuff like this (okay, that's probably a lie), but I couldn't deny you all The World's Smallest Bodybuilder. Looks fake, but it isn't. WOW.

via Freakgirl

Book club update will go up this evening. This little guy looks like he could be a character in Midnight's Children.


Liz said...

Someone emailed this to me. My favorite part is actually his shorts. If he was your friend when your blog began, you would probably post this photo in your "awkward friday photo" series because of those shorts.

eileen said...

Those shorts are obscene!
Other things I enjoyed about the article:
1. His hair. Looks like he used laboratory strength hydrogen peroxide.
2. The fact that his nickname is Romeo.

P.S. I've probably bitched about this before, but it bugs the shit out of me how it says "1 comments" instead of "1 comment." I feel like Blogger should have coded around that error by now.