Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wine Club at the Ashmont Grill

Last night, I went to Monday Night Wine Club at the Ashmont Grill with Jenny and some non-bloggy friends. Every Monday night, you can try four wines paired with four mini-meals for only $25...and they aren't stingy with the the food or the wine, so it's a great deal. Last night's theme was Perfect Pairs, as you can see on the menu to the left. I liked everything minus the duck liver mousse, which I wish I hadn't eaten after learning that it's foie gras, which is often prepared using cruel methods. But, other than that, it was fun to try different wines- we had one rose, two reds, and a desserty French white, which were all delicious, and I also liked sampling the different plates. They do accomodate vegetarians, and their food looked as good if not better than the meaty dishes. The seating is family style (i.e. Strangers At Your Table), but since we were a big group we mostly just talked to each other. And maybe, just maybe, our tablemates didn't feel like joining in on conversations about tampon art and the strange ailments of coworkers. Whatever. I would definitely go back to the Ashmont Grill for wine night, or any night. Since I rarely venture outside of the South End, Southie, and Downtown, this little excursion to Dorchester has inspired me to resurrect the Boston Neighborhood Project. Anyways, here's a photo of Jenny, Amber, and me from last night.
Also, for those of you participating in book club, due to wine night and a late-night incident involving a centrifuge (long story, don't ask), my update won't go up until tomorrow. So you have one more day to catch up!

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