Monday, February 04, 2008

Remember to vote tomorrow!

I don't really have the mental energy to craft a post about my weekend, but sheesh, the Superbowl was a major let-down for Pats fans.

Instead, I'll just remind those of you in Super Tuesday states to vote tomorrow. It will be a game-day decision for me. Although I came out strong for Hillary in the past, events over the last couple of weeks have me considering hopping aboard the Obamawagon. Yes, Kevin, I've been following along.

Still trying to decide? Use the Electoral Compass to find out which candidate best matches your opinions on the issues.


Kevin said...

Eileen, I wrote in Mo Dunne for State Councilwoman, as there was no candidate on the ballot. Go Mo!

KcM said...

Sweet! If you need one more push...Sen. Clinton rooted for the Giants...