Thursday, February 28, 2008

Interspecies Frienship Alert!

Somewhere in England, Billy the Boxer has adopted Lilly the Kid, a 12 day old goat abandoned by her mother.
Click on that link for, like, the cutest pictures ever.
Thanks to Rob for constant vigilance in detecting interspecies friendship news stories.
Recently, a friend of mine confessed that he hates interspecies friendships and won't read my blog for a week after I post one. To that friend, I say "Bah! Woof, woof, bleat, bleat!"
THIS JUST IN! Dachshund adopts piglet! Two interspecies friendship stories in one week- dreams do come true!


Anonymous said...

You are on probation.

Mrs. V said...

My dog was "pregnant" when I brought home two kittens that needed mother's milk. My dog who had had a previous litter a few years before knew what to do when she saw the kittens. It was funny because what I saw written all over her face was, "What, did I have my babies, already?" She became very motherly and started to lick them and let them nurse. Her milk let down and she nursed them for 1-2 weeks BEFORE her litter was born....I thought that was amazing. I have pictures but that was before digital and they don't look too good. I had to separate her litter from the two kittens feeding time because the kittens claws would hurt the puppies and they would wimper when the kitten would try to jousle for position around the teets.

timm said...

if i'm not the anonymous person listed in your post, i'd like to be.