Friday, March 06, 2009

The best prank I've heard of in ages

When Mimes Attack.

My goodness, do I love a caper that involves the humiliation of one's friends.

p.s. Mimes? Creepy.


Tom said...

This is also pretty good.

mj said...

I'd think it would be hysterical if a Mime was following me to work. Too bad they didn't take a video of it. Why was Bobby so pissed? He seems like a real jerk.

eileen said...

I guess he really doesn't like mimes. But it's funny that he didn't seem to wonder if it was a prank. It's not as if mimes waiting outside people's apartment doors and following them as the commute to work is a common occurence. At least I hope not, because as I said before, mimes are creepy. His friends probably knew that he would lose his shit over the mime, which is partly what makes the prank so great.

Andy said...

Eileen- amazing. HOw do you find this stuff? I swear, your links are one of the things that make this blog a must-read.
Also, I must agree with Tom on the CH prank war- have you watched their MTV show? I know it looks stupid and has a bad name but it is so funny. Especially to anyone with a brain.