Friday, March 27, 2009

The Curious Case of the Lost Wallet

I lose my wallet ALL THE TIME. It's getting ridiculous. Here is a summary of wallet losing incidents that spans about twelve years.

1. Loon Mountain, NH. Lost in the snow during one of many spectacular wipeouts on the slopes. (Did I mention that I hate skiing?) Found and returned by fellow skiier.

2. South Bend, IN. Stolen at a bowling alley. Never recovered.

3. Boston, MA. Fell out of my bag as I was running to catch a green line trolley. Someone saw it fall and turned it in to a security guard.

4. Boston, MA. Dropped on a commuter rail train. Found and turned in to the conductor.

5. Philadelphia, PA. Pickpocketed at the Mummers parade on New Year's Day. Wallet never recovered but the driver's license was mailed back to me by the Philadelphia police.

6. Miami, FL. Dropped on South Beach in the midst of a mojito-fueled haze. A week later I received an envelope in the mail containing my license and a note saying "Hey I found this on the beach. Hope you had fun!" Other contents not found.

7. Boston, MA. Lost on #10 bus. Recovered and delivered by friendly MBTA bus driver.

8. Boston, MA. Lost on the #10 bus. (Yes, again.) Recovered and delivered by a helpful illegal immigrant from Guatemala.

9. Boston, MA. Dropped outside of the Broadway T stop. This happened on Wednesday night. I was starting to lose hope, but this morning, some dude named Jason called to say that he had found it. Hooray!

I really need to do something about this wallet losing problem, though. It's getting embarrassing, not to mention highly inconvenient! I think I'm going to stop carrying one. Or maybe get a slim one that holds only my license and an ATM card and fits in my pocket.


brigita said...

I'm right there with you, woman.
It's gotten to the point that I've written my cell number on the clear plastic part that holds my cards.

The worst was when I lost it/it was stolen right before going through airport security at Christmas.

Of course I'd switched my stuff to a different slimmed down "travel" wallet that was lacking the number--ack!

mj said...

get one of those wallet-chained-to-your-belt combos.

Kim said...

It's interesting you have a 100% recovery rate in New England. You lose your wallet more than anyone else I know!

Kris said...

This is IN NO WAY your entire wallet-losing history. Those of us who lived with you in college know that you lost your wallet (with keys attached) at least twice a week. It's just that it always turned up under a pile of laundry or down the back of a couch. :)

Caity said...

Wow... strong work! I'm pleasantly surprised that it was returned to you so many times!

Beth said...

Oh my, Eileen...just wait until you have's going to get even worse! You might need to do the "American in Europe" thing and wear the pouch around your neck that's meant to hold your passport. I see no other options!!

Adam said...

I think it is a subconscious way that you are trying to meet Mr. Right. Come on - train conductor, guy on beach, bus driver, illegal immigrant, and dude named Jason - and not one date out of it? What is the real story?

S said...

Sound like you've got good karma!
Thanks for the offer on the shoes, I like them! I'm an 8, but you said they were too big for you, so maybe they would work?

Chris R. said...

Two words - fanny pack!!

eileen said...


HH said...

i think the fact that your wallet was returned to you everytime you lost it in boston says alot about bostonians - it pays not to carry a NY yankees wallet around!

Lisa Kate said...

I have the bank of america lost/stolen card phone number on speed dial. I feel your pain.