Monday, March 02, 2009


My hometown (and the largest town in America, natch) was recently featured in a CNN article on the economy. And they quoted my mom!

Here's the accompanying slide show spotlighting 9 local businesses.

Oh and Do You Know What This Is? This is the President of the United States being awesome. But Bulls vs. Wizards? That's some ugly basketball right there. (via Web-Goddess)


Eri said...

Did you watch the Framingham video? Drab drab drab. What a depressing tone!

eileen said...

I did- that video was terrible! I could have made a better one with a camcorder. And "a small town?" We're the largest town in America! Educate yourselves, CNN. I did like their trip to Ken's Steak House and the close-up on the salad dressing, though.

mj said...

That's really neat that your mother was quoted in the article. Go Maureen!

That's sad that the Fabric Place closed, I only went there once but I really liked their fabric selection.

Kevin said...

Thanks, Eileen, for the 'ham story. It wasn't the best piece of journalism I've seen, but still interesting to see the 'ham on CNN.