Thursday, March 19, 2009


For music fans: Paul Ford from The Morning News has listened to, rated, and written a six word review of every single track posted by bands performing at SXSW. And you can download the songs (over a thousand of them) for free. It's an overwhelming amount of data but there are some jewels to be found- here's the link.

This article about the history of drunk people putting lampshades on their heads made me want to, well, get drunk and put a lampshade on my head. I've never actually done that. The omnipresence of metal halogen lamps (as opposed to traditional lampshades) likely served as a deterrent during my college days.

Pink Dolphins! They actually exist. Learn something new every day. I bet they're magic.


danimal said...

Hellz yeah, this is some serious booty here, thanks for the hook-up!

MattyV said...

Thxs for the links. The sxsw info is awesome. Check out the rapper 'Champagne' and his song 'Soda and Pop Rocks' its got a pretty sweet beat.

eileen said...

I like that one, Matty! Even though there are so many songs to sift through, you can find a lot of neat stuff. I like how there's a lot of latin, jazz, and hip-hop in addition to indie rock.